Power Digger (31014)

LEGO Creator Power Digger

LEGO Creator Power Digger (set 31014)

I bought this set a while ago. As I mentioned previously I really like LEGO Creator, and this tiny 3 in 1 came in handy when I wanted something reasonably priced.

There are 64 pieces in the box, mostly in the common colour scheme for big machines: yellow, black and grey. With this being a three in one set you can rebuild it to other things (well, that’s really true for all LEGO sets). Once you’re satisfied with the Power Digger you can either build a front loader or a  dump truck.

Building the power digger

Building the power digger

The little digger is actually kind of cool with  a rotating body and a flexible crane arm. My son, who actually built the model while I wasn’t looking, played a good time with it but eventually went and got one of the LEGO City diggers as you can’t use the bucket for actual Lego brick excavations.

LEGO Dump Truck

The dump truck

All in all this is a fun little set. There aren’t really any uncommon pieces in the set, so for that reason it’s perhaps not extremely exciting, but as a quick build and play it’s worth a buy.

Little helicopter

Lego Little Helicopter

I had a look at Rebrickable to see if there were any sets I could build from the bricks I already had. There weren’t really anything spectacular I could build but if I did go a bit creative on the colours I could build the Little Helicopter from Lego Creator set 30184, released sometime last year.

I like the Lego Creator sets. Eventhough they are small they make up for it by still having quite a lot of pieces. This particular set is one of those polybags so it’s perhaps not as elaborate as the slightly bigger Creator sets and it weighs in at 56 pieces.

As previously mentioned I didn’t have all pieces in the right colours so I replaced a red inverted slope with a dark stone gray one and also replaced a few medium stone gray with dark ones. The front windows are clear – I think they should be black transparant (or whatever it’s called). Nothing exactly major and it doesn’t really clash with the colour scheme.

Project 1: LEGO Silja Line Ferry (1554)

LEGO Silja Line Ferry 1554

The 1986 LEGO set of the Silja Line ferry Svea.

We spent Christmas at my parent’s house this year. Part of that experience is getting constant flashbacks from your childhood. With my son now being four and a half my parents went through the attic in search of my old toys. Amongst them were one big box of random LEGOs. It’s far from all LEGO I had as a child, but this is strangely all they could find. Oh well, there’s some rather good stuff in there at least.

My son started building boats, planes and cars and I helped him out a bit. A semi-finished ferry was in the box and I got to think that perhaps I should try and find instructions for it and build it again. The ferry set is from 1986 and I purchased it on the Silja Line ferry going from Helsinki to Stockholm on a family vacation back in the day. The instructions were easy enough to find online and I started looking for the parts. It didn’t take long to realise that they were actually all still there. There was a bit of a problem though. Two angled white pieces that I needed were part of my son’s new spaceship. I found two black ones he could use instead but he would have none of it! A heated discussion took place where he explained that there was no way in hell (well, he didn’t use that wording) that I could use his parts.

LEGO Silja Line Ferry 1554

So, I used the black pieces and tried to explain to him that the ferry didn’t quite look right with black. He said his spaceship didn’t look quite right with black either.

I found a solution. The solution was cinnamon buns. My son went down to the kitchen to eat some and I grabbed his parts, put them on the ferry, took a few photos of the now finished Silja Line Ferry and then replaced the parts again so that all was back to normal.

For a few minutes the 1554 LEGO Silja Line Ferry set from 1986 was once again complete!

LEGO Silja Line Ferry 1554 - side view